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Sunday, January 26, 2014

From the Big Box of my Life...part 2

I grew up on a farm on a dirt road in Georgia.  It had a big boulder at the front of the driveway that had engraved in it Stoney Creek Farm.  Eventhough Stone Mountain is about 2 hours away, we have some areas tapered south with big rocks.  We raised thoroughbred race horses which we sold once they were 2 years old.  We also always had lots of other animals there.  There was never a lack of kittens and puppies around.  I always had my own pony or horse growing up too. I had a pet goat, sheep, flocks of ducks, a pig for a stint, and chickens. We also had a pond stocked with catfish and brim but we called them titty brim since you had to hold them tight against your chest to get the hook out.  I loved living in the country.  It was a wonderful childhood.

Once I got to about 3rd grade, I was begging on a consistent basis for my own kitty to have inside.  My dad didn't really believe in having animals in the house.  Animals had jobs, he'd say. But, they gave in to my wishes and in 4th grade I picked out a new barn kitten to be my very own.

I was so original and named her Kitty.  She was a short-haired beautiful calico.  As my mother feared, I wasn't the best at always remembering to take care of her properly.  I sometimes forgot to feed her but most of all, I hated cleaning out that nasty litter box.  So, I typically would stall on doing it until it got so full that she would go potty in our clean laundry basket.

Yep!  I remember one time when I was in middle school at P.E. and had worked up quite a sweat playing kickball.  I kept asking everyone "What is that awful smell?"  All the kids said they didn't smell a thing until they got near me.  

I am laughing out loud right now as I remember this story!!!

Then my girlfriend pointed on my back to a big yellow stain.  Just about the entire middle school came and sniffed my back.  They laughed, gagged and rolled on the ground with disgust and hysterical laughter.  

It was ME!  I was the one that smelled so awful.  And it was all because I didn't clean out the cat's litter box.  Luckily, it happened to me and not my dad or mom.  My mom was very disappointed in how I was treating my pet.  My mom had a funny and creative, but at the time, a really annoying way of disciplining me.  She would make me write essays on things that I had done wrong.  

I dug up two different essays that my mother had in my Big Box of my Life.  I am totally doing this with my girls.  I know they will roll their eyes like I did and tell me "Why can't you just punish me like normal moms!"

I hope you all get a kick out of them as much as I did reading them!  Pretty priceless.

My Pointless Proposal for my Cat  (Feb. 12, 1993 - I was 15)
I, hereby, say that I will clean out my cat's box no later than every other day and change it no later than once a week. I will sweep my cat's area where I change it too!  I will also feed and give her water!  My cat should no longer have to urinate or do any other distasteful things around this house (except in her dropping box)!  If my cat should do the nasty anywhere except in her box because it is unsanitary; I will have to give you money or your liking or not do anything for the whole weekend.  And if these unfavorable conditions proceed further, the cat shall be discarded with!

Another Pointless Proposal (Sept. 24, 1993 - still 15)
I am writing this paper to see what I have learned from being irresponsible.  I don't know why I didn't lock the doors or leave a note and I don't know why I went where I did.  But, it happened and all I can do now is try to take my time and realize what I'm doing before I'm doing it.  I do know how it feels to be worried and I do know it feels to to scared and I am sorry I put you through it, but I'm young and I do do these things.  Sometimes, I don't pay attention and I have my mind on only one thing and concentrated on one thing.  I think I'll try to do better esp. since I can't talk on the phone or do anything.  I don't know really what else to say but I have to write more which I think is useless and this is a weird way of remorse and it is stupid to me.  I'll just write to the bottom of this page cause this is college ruled. But, I'll always lock the doors or leave a note and I'll try to get in touch w/someone before I go or do something.  It's been embarrassing and stupid telling people why I can't talk on the phone.  So, I'll try not to do it again. Well, bye I'm going to go talk on the phone now!

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