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Monday, October 14, 2013

Flower Girl Tea Party Birthday

My sweet and funny Sophia Belle turned seven this past weekend.  She wanted to do something fancy and girly.  We decided to do a Flower themed tea party.  It was so adorable and very easy to do.  I ended up buying all the little finger foods at the store.

We had the party from 3-5pm so it would be during the official 4pm tea time.  I arranged flowers in one of my tea pots and placed in the center of my table that was topped with a floral tablecloth.  I used pink tulle to drape in the chandelier and around the tea pot centerpiece.  My daughter, Georgia was so excited to help me get ready.  She arranged some dress up pearls, little flower girl figurines, and some bells around the floral centerpiece.

We set the table with my grandmother's china and trayed up all the goodies.  When the girls arrived in their Sunday best, they played games in the front yard while I made each of them floral head wreaths that I made with wire, ribbon and baby's breath.  They got to their head wreaths home.

We then sat down for tea at promptly 4:00 o'clock.  I made an orange spice tea for them.  They loved it and drank it all with their pinkies up!  After tea time Sophia opened presents and they all played outside some more until parents arrived.  It was so precious and they all have a wonderful time.


  1. Such a cute idea! Love it! And Sophia just looks too precious-I want a girly, flower girl tea party!:)

  2. Oh how lovely! I adore this. She looks so happy!

  3. How precious!!! I know that your mom (Denise) is smiling looking at these pictures!!!

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