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Friday, October 18, 2013

Are the covers creating a rift in your marriage?

A long time ago Andy and I used to have a big problem in our marriage.  It was the covers on our bed! Almost every morning I used to wake up exhausted because either I was freezing due to all the covers being stolen from me in the middle of night or because I struggled to untangle my husband from the sheets and then I couldn't go back to sleep.

Then, I learned to just get a death grip on the covers before going to bed and tuck them under me on the outside so I could have somewhat of a chance.  Sometime in the middle of night he would try to roll and take all the covers with him.  But I would be ready to yank 'em right back.

I would wake up pissed off and he would be oblivious to my agitation.  Finally one day, my girlfriend who is an interior designer (thank you CC) was listening to my situation and told me about European bedding style.  She said it could be our saving grace.

and IT WAS!

All we had to do was to eliminate the top sheet.

  • We now have a bottom sheet.
  • We have a duvet cover which has a summer sheet weight or winter flannel weight.  I just choose something that feels good next to your skin and is appropriate for the season.  I absolutely adore Eileen Fisher at Garnet Hill and I really like Thomas O'Brien bedding which was at Target.
  • I have a quilt that goes on top of the duvet.
How did it work for us?
Andy would always get completely tangled up in the top sheet then the quilt or comforter would get ripped off because he would be wrestling with the sheet. Since the duvet is thick and heavier, he doesn't do that. He is able to turn over under it and not get tangled up in it.

It has completely saved my night time cover woes!  Every now and then I do have to snatch some covers but the night time sheet wrangling and entanglement is long gone.


  1. We quit using a top sheet shortly after we got married, for different reasons, it always ended up tangled at teh bottom of the bed anyway and then when we wanted to make the bed it was a big pain. So we have been European and didn't even know it! Cool. It really makes the entire bedding situation much much easier!

    1. I agree. It is a breeze to make up. You are so posh without having to try ;)


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