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Friday, September 27, 2013

Hot Pepper Vinegar & a New Compost Bin

This time of year is so busy in the garden.  I have been buttoning up my garden and getting it ready for the winter.  Here are some of things that have been keeping me busy besides my little Evelyn who is always eager to help.

- Andy and his dad built us a compost bin.  It is so nice not to have to keep picking up rotting debris in the yard from my dog digging around in my compost.  He used some scavenged material that he has been collecting for the project.  So, the whole thing was FREE!  Yay!  We put it behind some of our shrubs on our side yard so it is kind of hidden but still easy to access.

- I have been composting some of the garden already.  I cleared out my lettuce and cucumber bed.  I also cut back my kale and chard.  I am hoping for a little new growth on them before it gets really cold.

- I trimmed back my hedges of lavender.  If you let your lavender keep growing without trimming it, it turns into woody growth.  New lavender growth doesn't grow on the woody part.  So, you want to try to keep it trimmed down to keep a nice compact shape that has blooms and greenery.

- I have been canning and freezing up a storm too.

- I picked all the serrano and jalapeƱo peppers off the plants this week because it's supposed to get down in the 30's this weekend.  I used all the peppers and some purple garlic to make some good ol' southern hot pepper vinegar.  It's so simple.  Just cut off the stem part of the pepper.  Pack them in a jar.  Add some peeled garlic cloves.  Then top off with vinegar.  I used 3 parts of white vinegar and 1 part of apple cider vinegar.  We tasted it last night and it is already amazing after 3 days.  I like to put it on sauteed winter greens or beans and rice.

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  1. Love the compost bin... we definately need to build something like that!


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