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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cooking with Jackfruit instead of Pork

A couple of weeks ago I saw a pin on Pinterest about substituting pulled pork with a tropical fruit called Jackfruit.  It intrigued me so I started to look for more recipes and more articles about it.  Everyone said how blown away they were with how good it was.  Of course, I had to discover it for myself.  So, I ordered some cans off of amazon because our grocery stores didn't carry it.

I ordered four cans of green jackfruit in water.  You can also get it in brine.  But make sure you don't get it sweet in syrup.

I decided to do it bbq sandwich style with some tater tots and cole slaw.  Since we haven't been eating meat except for seafood, I sometimes miss some of the culinary yummies of pork.

It was super easy too!  I just took the fruit out of the can and pulled it apart and discarded the hard part of the fruit.  I put it in a pot and poured bbq sauce over and cooked it for a good 30 minutes.

And voila!  I am telling you what you could not even tell that it wasn't pulled pork unless someone had told you.  Andy took some leftovers today for lunch at work.  He is going to give one of his guys a bite and not tell him what it is and see if he will even notice.  I bet he won't.  It was truly amazing!  I can't wait to try it carnitas style!

Here are some other ways that I have found to cook with it.
Jackfruit Carnitas
Jackfruit Tuna Melt
Jackfruit Sriracha bbq Sandwich

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