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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Breakfast in a Mug. Egg Coffee Recipe.

The last several days I have been sewing up a storm so I haven't had the time to write any posts to my blog.  I have been sewing lots of yoga lounge pants.  They are so comfy while at the same time being stylish & flattering to your figure.  I have some for sale on Etsy and plan to make more in lots of fun colors.  Check them out HERE.

Here are a pair that I made.

And Back to the coffee.  I saw on Pinterest a recipe for Egg Coffee.  It intrigued me so I followed the link to learn more.  I have now been putting a whole egg in my coffee every morning.  It's like having my breakfast with my Hug in a Cup every morning.  A win - win for me!

Coffee is served like this in all types of regions.  The most noted ones are Vietnam, Scandinavia & Poland.

Here is the photo from the original post that I read from Pinterest vis Marksdailyapple

It is so delicious.  It has this frothy head on the coffee and a creamy mouthfeel just like my half n half does but even better.  I use my little aerolatte whisk to blend the egg.  I gradually pour my hot coffee over the egg while continuing to use the whisk.  You can also just use the yolk if you prefer.  You can add cinnamon, cocoa or anything else that you could imagine.

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