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Friday, February 22, 2013

Follow Up Friday!

So it's time to report back on some things that have been going on around here!

First of all, at the beginning of the year I started a new face wash or actually an unwash!  I started doing the oil cleansing method.  You can read about it Here.  It's been almost two months now.  Here is my opinion of it on my face.  I like how my face doesn't feel dry but it definitely doesn't look great either.  I did go through the purging phase where my chin looked awful.  I also get these deep painful spots on my skin on my nose that I never had before.  I still have plenty of blackheads which was supposed to magically dissolve but they didn't.  I am going to try it for a while longer.  I'm not sure if this is the best method for everyone.  I also like how affordable it is and how there aren't a ton of chemicals in it.  It isn't a miracle cleaner like a lot of blogs say that it is.  There are also lots of other factors to consider about your complexion also like hormones, food, stress, etc...


My mother suggested looking into Ayurvedic recommendations based on my dosha.  This medicine has been around for thousands of years.  I am a pitta dosha which means I am a mix between water & fire.  Do you know what your dosha is?  You can take a quiz HERE to find out!  So it looks like there are maybe some other things to try out.  There is a ton of info out there on the web about Ayurvedic medicine.  Ted Smith at San Juan Chiropractic just got his certification at an Ayurvedic school (call to make an appt. 970-240-8400).  A trained specialist can really help you learn more.  I think I am going to check it out.


I didn't last too long on the diet and food diary either.  I did for two weeks though so that's not too bad but I didn't lose any of that holiday weight.  Boohoo!

Last but not least  I tried the juicing cleanse.  Read my post HERE.  Results:  I made it a day and a half and thought I was going to die!!  I had a crazy rocking headache, dreamed about cheeseburgers and felt out of it.  I commend anyone who has done this for any period of time.  But I do enjoy juicing and replace breakfast or lunch with some yummy green juice.  I will try it again and maybe I can make it for 2 days next time.  Baby steps, people!!



  1. Good job for trying girl! I kinda feel like the whole juice fast fad just doesn't sound fun. I am only interested in things that sound fun and feel good these days...haha. I have been wondering about the olive oil thing... thanks for the follow up! Definately gonna check out the dosha thing..

    1. It wasn't much fun at all but now I know for myself. Ayurvedic medicine is very very interesting.


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