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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Juice Detox - Here I GOOooooooo

I am going to give it a go!  I have heard about so many people doing the juicing detox that I want to see how I feel after a 3 day cleanse.  I put on some extra weight from the holidays and just kinda have an overall sluggish feel.  I am definitely drinking more wine than I should.  Plus, every time I go to the gym and get on the scales, it is up another pound.  That is definitely discouraging.

I have been following the belly fat cure that I posted about recently but definitely not diligently (read about it HERE).  So maybe doing this detox will help me feel better and kinda kickstart myself with new & better habits.

I really like the blog post from Bess Be Fit.  She combines 3 different popular juice plans and makes it into her own.  I also like that she eats a little bit of solid food too.

I am going to give her plan a try!  Here is my grocery list.  I have half of the stuff already.  I also had a protein shake for lunch with coconut milk (unsweetened), flax seed meal & protein powder (sugar free).  I wonder if I can include that has my first detox meal?  haha Well, not technically, but it's a really good start!


The main things that you really want to avoid are:  processed foods, dairy, grains and animal protein.  But she does say that she has seen some people do lean, grilled meats like a grilled chicken breast or a hardboiled egg.  

I think that I will skip the animal protein for the 3 day cleanse and do either the extras in my smoothies like avocado.  Since this isn't a maintenance plan, it is a cleanse that's why I am skipping the meat.

Here is Dr. Oz's chart too that is very informative and helpful!

Dr. OZ Detox Chart
Here is a great Q & A that helped answer some questions for me!

I have also read that you want to take it a little easy when you are on this and don't do crazy work outs but just light workouts (walking, etc.).

We will see what happens and how I really feel.  I am anxious about doing it.  I hope I can make it 3 days!!!!!

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