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Monday, December 3, 2012

Picking Your Paint Color Palette

Kate Spade Ad

Do you remember a segment from Jerry Seinfeld's Stand Up where he tells you what men are really thinking?  He lets us all in on the big secret:  Nothing!!  They are thinking of absolutely Nothing!  It makes me laugh every time.

Well, the photo above is how MY mind is always thinking!  It captures my mind soooooooo very well. Leave it to Kate Spade to run an ad about the inside of this woman's mind.

Which now brings me to my Post!!  This concept is how I figure out my color palette for my house and even my wardrobe.  I like to pick foods for my paint colors.  Food aka nature has the perfect palette of colors with the most irresistible shades & hues.

Here are some photos from my house to show you what I mean.  I wanted my kitchen cabinets to be the color of butter and red accents to the shade of apples.  My bathroom reminds of me of coffee & cream - my favorite thing to wake up to (besides my husband and kids :)  Start looking at some of your favorite meals and pull out some of the colors.  I bet that you will really love the space!  Do the same thing with your clothing too.

Here is a perfect example:  a roasted beet from my garden.  Aren't these colors divine??

Here is one more example of what I mean from design seed. See how the colors of the sushi have such a warm hue when it translates to paint color. I love it!!


  1. I love the colors of your home... it is very warm and friendly. I don't know that mine cooresponds to any food at all. Blues, grays and whites don't really match to any, but I think of the sky, the ocean, clouds...very airy and light. Funny how we pick stuff huh?

    1. It sure is! Your palette is a reflection of nature which is just about the same! I guess my mind is a little more like Homer Simpson. Mmmmmm Bacon! haha


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