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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Emerald or Ruby for my Dining Chairs??

I got some of my family heirloom pieces from my mom recently which made me have to rearrange my house a bit.  My dining room now looks a little bit different.  My mom kept her dining chairs to go with her other table in her new house so I have my old chairs from my farmhouse table.  They are a honey color with rush seats.  The rest of my house is kind of an eclectic mix with a style of contemporary cottage (if there is such a thing?).

Here is a picture of my dining room now with my old farm chairs.

I really like my farmhouse chairs.  They are sturdy and very well made and um.....FREE!  I would love to get any feedback from you all out there.  Sometimes, it is harder to decorate your own space since you are in it everyday.  Also just to let you know that the living room is grey blue and the kitchen has yellow cabinets.  These two rooms are joined to the dining room.

I guess that I am really in the Christmas spirit because I am thinking of painting them either


emerald green chairs


red dining chairs


  1. I LOOOVE the emerald. Plus it is the pantone of the year next year. Although your house does seem to have more warm hues in it so the red might work better for you. Hmmm. That is a tough one. Could you get something of each color and take a picture of it on the table then you can see how the lighting/color scheme of your house plays with it?


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