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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Need some new ideas in your closet?

Do you ever rediscover things in your closet and think why am I not wearing this?  That happens to me quite a bit.  There are things that I love but I am just not wearing them.  I have found a solution to get me out that rut!  It's called Polyvore and of course, Pinterest.  I find some outfits that have already been put together by someone else to help give me new ideas and inspiration.  Plus you can favorite outfits of things that you already have in your closet.  A fresh perspective!

So here is how it works:

I go to Polyvore and search under products for the piece of clothing that I need some inspiration with.  Sometimes I can find the exact one but most of the time I have to find one that is similar.  Then I can search that top under Sets to see who has used this item in an outfit.

I got this Emerald Green Chiffon Shirt that I love from SheShe Boutique but wasn't wearing.  I found a top that was almost identical from Modcloth on Polyvore that had been used in over 300 outfit ideas!  Woohoo.

You have to make sure that you find a piece of clothing that has been used in a lot of outfits.  If your exact item isn't used in many outfits then try to find one similar enough that has been.

Then, I use Pinterest to scout outfits that I love then I can go back to the source and find lots of other outfits from that particular person.

So here is my top:

Look From London tunic

Look From London tunic (see more sheer shirts)

And here are all the outfits that I loved with this shirt.  And most of all these items in these groups are things that I already have at home.  

fall #4


closet by cmslater21 featuring a green tunic



cute! by avistopmodel featuring tear drop earrings
**I wore this outfit yesterday except with my brown knee high riding boots!!

Autumn Greens

Day Out

Day Out by bettylulu93 featuring vintage sunglasses

That is SIX outfits of ideas of ways to wear this great shirt!  Look up some items of things that you have gotten stuck on too!!


  1. I LOVE everything about that shirt!

  2. I have a shirt similar to that one...thanks for all the ideas.


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