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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Christmas Gifts for Babies

So, I got a message from a fan asking me to give her some ideas of some creative & fun Christmas gift ideas that she could make for a baby.  So, I thought that I would also share with you guys.  I am going to make these myself for my little Evelyn for Christmas!!

Here are some crafty ideas for you:

1)This one would be cute with cutting the neck out of a sweatshirt & hand stitching the bunny face on or even a kitty face.  For boys, a puppy face would be cute too.

2)These bonnets would be cute & easy with some warm flannel on the inside and maybe a little ruffle on the front.


3)I really LOVE this idea. I am going to draw my own characters and my own little outfits for the blocks.  But you can easily download their pdf drawing for yourself!

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