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Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY Animal Print Infinity Scarf

Animal print is really in style right now and looks especially good in the fall and winter.  I like a little animal print but not too much for me.  I guess I like animal print accessories - scarves, belts, purses or shoes.  I have been looking for an infinity scarf that would be a good weight for most seasons.  I also wanted my scarf to be more of a cowl neck scarf when looped twice so it would keep my neck warm in the winter.  Since I chopped all my hair off, I need a little extra layer.

So, I shopped and shopped online and in local stores but I couldn't find exactly was I was looking for.  Well, I take that back I did find one at Saks for $260 but that is not going to happen!

I then decided to look through my material and just make my own!  I found this really nice chiffon that has a soft & slinky feel but too opaque.  It is an oatmeal color.  

Follow my tutorial below and make one for yourself:

-Cut out the dimensions that you desire.  I did 50" x 20".  Then tape to a flat surface.
-Print out this pattern or any other one to use as a reference.  I suggest using a large pattern because it is very time consuming.

-Slide a piece of paper under your work area and use some fabric markers to create your pattern.  I suggest two markers of each color for one scarf.  The animal print looks better if it is very dark.

-When you are done, it is time to sew it together.  Fold long ways with the finished sides facing each other and sew.

-Turn right side out.  Here is the finished long seam.

-Then sew the ends together.  Just fold in one side over the other end so there is no unfinished end showing and sew.  You could also sew a decorative trim piece here too.  

Here is my finished Leopard Cowl Neck Infinity Scarf!!  I think it turned out really good.  I can't wait to wear it out :)


  1. What a great christmas gift idea! Love it.

    1. Thanks! I had lots of fun making it. I think it would also be cool to do the leopard in other colors too and to have a little metallic in it.


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