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Friday, October 5, 2012

Body Harness Necklace

I happened to see a model wearing this in an ad, and it caught my eye.  She had it worn on her bare skin under her clothes.  It looked stunning!  

It is definitely a tricky accessory to wear, but Wow does it look amazing when worn right.  You can drape it over something simple like a tee or a little black dress.  You could wear it backwards especially if you have on a low back top.  It even looks fantastic just over a bathing suit (below).  I think that I am going to make my own with a piece of jewelry in it like the turquoise piece below or even a bit of lace that has been starched would be very pretty.

I will update when I get my piece done.  If any of my friends would like to join me for a little craft time then just let me know!
I really love this first piece from Rocket Science.  It is so intricate and beautiful but that one might be a little too hard for me to make.

Rocket Science
Body Chain Harness / Double Layer Drop Necktie Necklace

gold triangle body chain


Jewelry (see more chain jewelry)

lounge act
Elle magazine

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  1. Clever... I love the one with the triangle in the middle.


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