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Thursday, July 19, 2012

What PJ's do men really find sexy?

My husband and I were talking one night and the subject of pajamas came up.  I have never really asked what pajamas are sexy.  It was just something I guessed that I assumed.  Well, I was a little surprised by his answer.

They are ALL sexy!  But the key is to always mix it up was the answer.  If I wore the hot little nighty every night then it would no longer have any appeal.

I did get his top votes on the ways that I come to bed.  And now I know that maybe even that old Tee might turn his head if I haven't worn it in a while. :)

Also another tip is never look like a little girl in your sleep wear & never look like a whore for many reasons - but that is a whole other post for another time!
  • Nude is always a great way to go to bed!!
  • Boy shorts bikini with a tank or a white Vneck tee.  The boy shorts let just enough cheek hang out!


  • A traditional night gown.  Black or white is always classy & sexy.  Make sure it is extra soft on your skin.
Victoria Secret

  • His oxford or Tee.
Snag his shirt

  • A hot little lingerie number for those candle nights.  Keep it extra sexy by wearing this under your dress on your date.  Meet him at the restaurant too and let him take you home!  When he helps unzip you then there will be a little surprise.

Victoria Secret Teddy

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