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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kids' Pinterest Camp Ideas

Here are the other two sessions that I did for Kids' Pinterest Camp!  
What a fun time we all had.

We made bookworm reading charts where they left spaces to fill in the book's name and after 4 they drew in a prize like ice cream cone or something.  One little boy put down $100.  Haha   We also did a leap frog on paper plates.  That was pretty fun too except the wind picked up and blew all the plates all over the yard.  But I decided to improvise - they had more fun trying to catch them all down the sidewalk!  We did the melted crayon art on the back of a pizza box.  We glued them on and waited for them to dry.  We organized the colors to be more like a rainbow and then used the hair dryer to melt them.  That was a really cool project!  We also made our own hot pockets with shredded pork & cheese.  And paper plates also make really cool hats too!

The next week was right before the 4th of July so we made firecrackers with streamers out of construction paper.  We played some fun water games with sponges.  One was letting the sponge soak up water and running to the other bucket to fill it up - after the team goes then you see whose bucket got the most water.  They played that lots of time.  Then the other water game was a hot potato game where we passed around the wet sponge singing a song when the song ended and you ended up with the sponge then you had to squeeze it over your head.  There were a lot of squeals & laughter with those.  We only had one boy this time so I mad him the "Judge" which he really enjoyed!  For snacks we made confetti cupcakes with the Pop Rocks frosting.  That was interesting!  And we made some homemade apricot preserves too. 

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