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Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Blues

Remember when these were the types of things that you were doing on Spring Break.  Sunbathing, playing volleyball, eating out, shopping, sleeping til at least 10 or 11, sunburnt, guys, convertibles, parties and dancing the night away  .....aaaaahhhhhhhhh.  

Hilton Head, SC  1996

Hilton Head, SC 1996

Andy and I at Hilton Head in 1998

My Spring Break this year goes like this:

Georgia - Recovering from stomach bug
Sophia - Respiratory virus w/fever and now a lingering cough
Evelyn - Respiratory virus which has now settled in her lungs.  Now using a Nebulizer.

Andy - Respiratory Virus with high fever and now a lingering nasty cough
Me - Violent Stomach Bug over the weekend


AND our lovely 79 degrees turned into Snow and mid 30's!!

I am hoping that Easter weekend provides a healthy family, sunny skies, good food, lovely family & friends, nice church service and a Great Master's Golf Sunday!!

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