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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Old Rooms in Little Old Houses

I have a little old house with little old rooms which can sometimes be a decorating challenge.  The ceilings are so low in some of the rooms that my husband has to duck to not hit the light fixtures.  Here are some tips if you also live in little spaces.

-Keep the colors fresh & bright to give the space illumination.

-Create a line in the room where you can distinguish between the wall and the ceiling.  This technique is especially good where there is not a good place to stop the paint line.  I then painted a scallop detail on the line for a sweet little girl look.  The bottom color is a soft peach with the top half being the same color but many shades lighter.
I used the same technique in the nursery but used baby blue instead.  On the line I stenciled in dots in a glossy white to give a little reflection.

-I used the same yellow in this iddy-biddy bathroom as well to also create color consistency in the house. 

What are some ideas that you have used in any of your little spaces?

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