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Friday, March 16, 2012

Favorite *GREEN* Fridays 3/16/2012

This Kelly Green Scarf that I got at Pollux Boutique in Montrose is my Favorite Thing this Week!

My favorite cup which will be filled with some beer tomorrow!

Steaming Bean Coffee - the Best!

Wasabi Peas - You can't have just one & esp. good with a Cold One!

Peridot Birthstone for my Oldest Daughter, Georgia.  My husband gave this to me when she was born!

Green Terry cloth bath pillow.  Favorite spot!

Some of my orchids above my bathing spot along with my nude artwork that I have in my bathroom!

Spring has sprung.

My greenish book collection.

My old green pillow that I use for back support in my sewing room!
Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone!


  1. I love green... it is actually my favorite color. Not any green though, baby shit, mustardy, army, olive, icky wierd green. I love it! haha.

    1. I am also not a fan of the baby shit green either! haha


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