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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Naked or Dressed around your children?? When should you cover up?

After reading an article from a fellow blogger about Kissing your children on the mouth, I wondered what people thought about being naked in front of their children.

Do you guys feel that you should always cover up around your children?  Or should being in your birthday suit be a normal thing in your house?

I have three little girls & I am very comfortable being undressed around them.  I nurse my youngest so I seem to always be at least half-dressed multiple times a day.  I've always tossed one in the shower with me too.  But my husband said that around the age of 2-3 was when it was time to stay dressed.  He was definitely uncomfortable with their curiosity.

Maybe if I had all boys then the table would be turned & I would be dressed more and my husband wouldn't.  But, I am not a modest person by any means.

What are everyone else's thoughts on the matter?  Is it a certain age, a gender thing or do you just let it all hang out regardless?

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  1. I have two boys and I was pretty comfortable being undressed in front of them until my oldest was 6 and all the sudden parts were funny to him. That was my cue that he was getting to an age where i needed to be a little more discreet. Thank goodness i was done nursing my youngest by then!


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