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Monday, January 30, 2012

Living Color

I just love color!  All shades.  All colors.  And bright ones esp.  It's so funny when I go to try on clothes with one of my girlfriends.  I come back to the dressing room with turquoise, red, yellow or orange.  Then, she says it looks like a Crayola box just threw up in your arms!!  But color is a mood & a feeling & a necessity in my life.  I found these quotes that are perfect for Living Color:

"A Picture of many colors proclaims images of many Thoughts"  - Donna A. Favors

"The mind wears the colors of the soul, as a valet those of his masters."  -Anne Sophie Swetchine

"Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?  Can one really explain this?  no.  Just as one can never learn how to paint"  -Pablo Picasso

But some people like nudes or black or white.  Which I think is just a different view of color.  That way they have a blank canvas & all the colors of their life POP!  Which is exactly why I painted my walk-in closet jet black.  All the colors of my wardrobe look incredible!

Here are the colors of my life today:

I am repainting my Hot Latin Lover (that's what I call my husband...hehe) Red Living Room.  I am thinking a calming driftwood ocean blue/gray.  The bottom blue is what I am thinking.  Then adding color in the furniture & accessories.

Color with Texture above my computer.  From the amazing works of Mary Mac
I just noticed the H to the left of the phone.  Sophia went thru a stage where she wrote H's all over the house.  Here is one I couldn't get off!  hahaha

Super Fun Color on my "Blank" Canvas house.  Yarn wrapped wreath with felt flowers that I found in
the fall from Gussy Sews.
Here are my Marmie Skittle Hobo bags that were sooo much fun to create & make!

Loving my electric blue pants that I got from Target for $22.  I paired it my my Gaga's vest (my grandmother).  I love this acrid gold color scarf too.  It really looks good with Black & White.  And I found this great new way to do your scarfs - The Pretzel Knot.  Follow this Tutorial to find out : 

One thing I am working on are metallic brocade over sized clutch.  I am combining fun color vintage fabrics with bright color zippers.  This zipper is tangerine!  I also have bright Red that I am pairing with Black & Gold Brocade.

I couldn't leave out food.  The prettier & brighter it is then the more appetizing it is to me.  This is one of my all time favorites.  French Tomato Pie!! made my group of Girlfriends :)
LOVE LOVE watermelon cubes with Feta Creme on a bed of tangerines!!
Ginger Magnolia Catering

Now this Eye Candy to me!  Give me this and a good beer not to mention the scenery at AJ's Dockside Restaurant in Tybee Island!!

This is the path of Living Color that I try to walk on!

Two of my muffins.  Living In Color Baby!!

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