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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hair (n.) - locks, curls, ringlets, mane, mop; shock of hair, head of hair; tresses. hairstyle, haircut, cut, coiffure; informal hairdo, do, coif.

I don't know about you guys but it seems hair is everywhere these days.  I would have to say that every 7th pin on Pinterest is about Hair!  I have a head FULL of it so I enjoy all the amazing do's - quite inspirational.  But who really does all these things?  I am proud to say that I try to not do the mom "ponytail" all the time, but let's be realistic.  So I figured I would give one these hairstyles I've pinned a try.  So, have you guys seen the waterfall braid?

It's really beautiful.  I thought this one would be similar to my do since her hair type is kinda wavy like mine.  So, I just got back from trying it out.  My arms are pretty tired cause I had to do it twice.  I figured mine would come out looking like that cookie monster cupcake fail that is soooo hilarious.

So here is my attempt.  And I must say I am NOT an exceptional braider.

1st try.  It does not look like picture above. haha  You also have to switch hands 3 times for each side which was hard.
The front view.  Like my sticky note in my bathroom?  :)  I just braided down the end.

2nd attempt.  Definitely better but a little crooked & my arms are tired.

Not quite as hard but I am not sure that mine is quite right either.  I pinned up the fallen side and the just did a messy bun at the bottom.  

Here's the back.  Sorry for the poor lighting.  

I have to say not too bad but not a do in a hurry either!  And mine definitely doesn't look like the photo.  I will have to try again some other time.  I have to share my favorite hair things with you though that ARE EASY.  To finish off my bun - I have these little metal spiral doodads that are my GO TO all the time!
You can get these just about anywhere.  I got mine at Target.  Super cheap too.  You can do all these do's with pretty much no bobby pins.  Sometimes I use just a couple for fly aways.  It's so fast & it doesn't pull & hurt either.

Here are some hairstyles that are my regular ones with these genius little spiral pins.  I do have naturally curly hair so you will have to let me know how they are on straight or fine hair.

I got these hairstyles on a google image search for buns & up do's for long hair.  The middle row, one to the far left is called the Gibson bun.  I like to do that one with two barrettes low in my hair at about my ears.
It helps keep it tidy looking.
So I used to sleep in Sock curlers when I was little and so did my mom and her mom and so forth.  Now I roll my little girl's hair in sock curlers.  The other night they wanted me to do it too.  So I said Sure why not!!  I rolled three sections cause I didn't want it crazy curly.  And this is what I got.

I love hats!  I have soo many and they are perfect for turning a bad hair day into an awesome one.  These are just a few that I have pictures of.

I love a turban wrap in the summer!!  Here's some great Tutorials:

Fedora with a red feather

Special birthday with my Top Hat!!

Love this little hat that I got in San Francisco!

This is a cloche hat which is so so so stylish.

Merry Christmas to me with a new grey & black houndstooth Fedora.

And last but not least are hair accessories!  Personally, I am not much of a hair clip wearer which is the rage right now with all the up-cycled flowers, feathers and such.  It just is a little too much for me & looks like something my little girls would wear.  BUT, I am a huge fan of fresh flowers in your hair.  You can never never go wrong with that!!  I wore gardenias in my hair for my wedding.  They are might favorite & you get that sweet perfume too.  Look at how beautiful it looks keeping it natural & classic.

Well, that's all that I have to say about that today!!

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