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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oh la la! my linen sheets

At the beginning of this past summer (2014), I purchased a set of 100% Linen Sheets that I ordered from Eastern Europe (Belarus actually).  I've been wanting to report back about my thoughts on sleeping on them.  But, I wanted to give myself enough time to really give y'all an accurate opinion.  Let me just say:


Yep, I just wash those suckers and put them right back on.  I'm not sure I'll want to even go back to using other sheets.

They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  They are soft yet feel so substantial.  They feel real.  I'm not sure if that conveys exactly how it feels.  To me, it's like discovering smart wool socks for the first time.  They just feel like quality yummy socks that's worth every penny compared to wearing ol' cotton ones.  

What else is cool is that the longer you have linen sheets the better they get.  In the last year before this purchase we had to throw away 3 fitted sheets due to them finally biting the dust and getting holes in them.  I really don't foresee that ever happening with these linen sheets.

They are so awesome that I feel like they need a name.  What do you think I should call them?

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