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Friday, September 5, 2014

Why Simone Perele Lingerie is my passion & first collection

Marmie's first collection is from Simone Perele.  I chose this line for my first one because it was right in line with my personal style and my mission to empower women.  The sophistication and elegance in each piece is world renowned.  The comfort and fit is the best in the industry.  I also love my area representative who has made this process a breeze and is super knowledgeable.  All of these factors help me give all of you a top notch product that I am extremely passionate about and give you a personable experience tailored just to your needs.  And what's so cool is that I come to you in the comfort of your own home!

Simone Perele's Curvy Model Search Winner

I read a review of Simone Perele line of lingerie that is the perfect description of their line.

"Simone Pérèle’s collection infuses timeless grace and elegance in a tribute to all things sweet. Guipure lace inspired by the dentelle à gateaux (doily), matte thread in honor of the artistry of spun sugar, and carefully chosen hues reflect a delicate, irresistible palette of temptation."

A little history about Simone Perele:

"Simone Pérèle was actually a corset maker for the elite of France. She became tired, however of trying to fit women (sucking in, pulling up, tugging, etc.) into these corsets. She wanted the woman to be liberated; to feel comfortable in HER skin and not feel as if she has to conform to what others want or think is beautiful. She wanted the woman to embrace every curve or in some cases, lack thereof, of her body. Her passion was to help women feel beautiful, confident, inspired, bold, to love their body and their spirit. Her way of doing this was to create beautiful pieces of lingerie."
-Laura, a Simone Perele representative

Simone Perele and her husband
A woman should not have to choose between being comfortable and being beautiful? she can have it all.” 
- Simone Pérèle

Her daughter is still the head of the company and here is a great interview with her. Click HERE.

Catherine Perele with models wearing Simone Perele

"When a women looks at herself in profile wearing a bra, her bust must go up, never down. A good bra is something you forget you are wearing; you don't feel the straps, there is no pain, your breasts must look round and natural. And, a good bra always exudes good taste, according to Perele. The titillating and tacky are best left to others. There is a difference between being sexy and elegant. The Simone Perele woman values sophistication above being too showy." - Catherine Perele

I am so thrilled to offer to women in our country a product that enhances your figure, supports your "girls" and boosts your confidence while at the same time being comfortable.  It's a concept that I never knew existed until I tried on bras from Paris designers.  I experienced my own "life changing" experience that I want to share with all of you.  Are you ready to finally have the perfect bra?

My Services:

  • My services are free!  It is my goal to find you the perfect fitting bra.  
  • I carry several styles in sizes 32A-40F.  
  • I can personalize specialty sizes by letting you see the styles that I carry and then we can visit and decide together which bras would work the best for you.  I will then order your sizes on my next order so I can add it to my inventory if it isn't your perfect fit.  
  • After deciding which bra size, style and color is going to be your match made in heaven, I will order your lingerie.  Orders can be hand delivered or mailed to you.  
  • I also would love to make a wish list for you then it is so easy for your husband to get you a gift.
  • Parties are a great way to have a fun day or evening with your girlfriends.  Plus, hostess awards are the best way to get more lingerie at amazing prices.  Check out how many Free Garments you can get when you have a party. ------------>  Click HERE

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