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Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Father's Day Pick

I decided to go with a timeless, manly-man present this year from us girls to Andy.  It just came in yesterday and I couldn't be more happier with the quality and beauty of the Best Made Company Axes.

I decided on the Unfinished Hudson Bay Axe.  They are all handmade in NY using materials all forged from the states.  The wood is Appalachian Hickory and the head is 2 lbs of alloy steel.  This axe is the oldest, most traditional pattern.  Each axe comes with a leather blade cover. There are lots of other axe designs for different uses.

Best made not only has axes but a plethora of other high quality items that every man will love.  

Andy is going to be beyond thrilled to get this!  It's one of those gifts that gets even better as time goes on.

Check out the other axes that they carry.  Aren't they beautiful?

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