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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Heart of Telluride. Wilkinson Public Library

Hello friends!  

We are enjoying a little winter ski vacation in Telluride, CO. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world. I wanted to share with you all their wonderful library, The Wilkinson Public Library.  It is such an amazing place.  It is considered by many as the heart of Telluride.  It has one of the largest selections of any type of books or media that you are looking for in the state which is really incredible due to the size and location of this remote mountain town.  You can rent just about any DVD that you could think of.  I once rented every Barabara Streisand movie from there before I had kids and all of Woody Allen's movies too.  I use to love movie marathon weekends.  I also check out book club kits from there for our Three Grace's book club (check out our Website for more info: They have 98 kits available there which includes 10 books, an audio and discussion questions.  Wow!  There are also all types of wonderful classes and seminars and yoga going on in the conference rooms there.

The real activity is going on over in the kid and teen area.  It is always hustling and bustling in there.  It is a beautiful and warm space that invites kids and adults into the space.  Anytime of the day you can find lots of people here.  We always make a special point to come here.  There are so many books, movies, games and imaginative play toys here.  

They also have fun scheduled classes going on for kids too.  When we arrived the other day, they were having a make a salad class with the kids.  It was very popular and was gobbled up by the kids.  They have a gaming area which was overflowing with little boys.  The treehouse playhouse was dripping with little girls.  Georgia and Sophia jumped right in and got all dressed up to play too.  Georgia was the puppy and Sophia was a chef.  The made some new friends and even got one of the little girl's phone numbers so they could arrange a play date later.  So cute!  In the teen area there were also a lot of kids hanging out. They even had a music jam session in one of the teen conference rooms.

I love how creative and fun everything is there.  The storyteller chair is an oversized carved mother figure that really helps embellish any story told in it.  All the art and displays are a perfect match to the vibe of this library and town.  I love coming here and seeing how this town values the simple things like the importance of a library.  

We were here for well over 2 hours, and I had to almost pry their fingers off the toys to get back to our condo to make dinner. We plan to make another trip back today.  Evelyn loved playing in the little kitchen and the huge collection of wooden puzzles.  Georgia and Sophia enjoyed the treehouse and the dress up.  I wonder what fun things that they will discover today.  To get more info on the Wilkinson Public Library, please visit their site at 

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