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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Story Time: A Video Series. Annie Bananie & What are you so grumpy about?

The girls and I have started a little reading series.  We are looking forward to sharing our favorite stories with you all.  You'll have to excuse all the little girl interruptions but it's just how our daily lives go.  It makes me laugh when I watch and here all the commotion.

I am really hoping for the girls and I to write our own little illustrated book for a homeschool project.  I love doing this with the girls for homeschool.  It helps develop their reading skills and also helps them overcome their stage fright and shyness.  The girls and I watched a little video that a mom did of her girls showing how to make snowflakes.  My girls thought it was the coolest thing watching the kids' teach them instead of the adults.  So, we thought we would do our own little videos.


Annie Bananie by Leah Komaiko (dedicated to my best friend Mehana)
What are you so grumpy about? by Tom Lichtenheld

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