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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Getting Sized Up By a Professional Bra Stylist.

I surprised Andy for Christmas this year with a little mini trip to Scottsdale over the Christmas Holiday. It was just what we needed for some rejuvenation in the warm desert sun.  We played some golf, slept, slept some more, laid by the pool, ate amazing food and did some shopping at the infamous Fashion Square Mall.  We didn't even cover 1/3 of the mall because it's THAT enormous.  Plus, we didn't want to waste all our cocktail pool time away since it was such a short trip.

The only place that I knew that I had to go was to Intimacy.  It is a high end lingerie store that has professional bra fitting stylists there.  I have always wanted to be professionally measured for my bras.  I am an odd size so it's really hard to find a good fitting bra here on the western slope due to the lack of stores.  I have heard tons of awesome things about a store like this in Denver called Sol.  Sol even has seamstress that can turn any bra into a nursing bra or repair underwires - you name it!  I haven't had a chance to get there so I figured that Scottsdale was my best bet of finding something similar.

It took me a little time to find Intimacy and there isn't a whole lot to see when you are in the store because most of the goods are tucked away in all those drawers in the back.

It was such a lovely experience!  My stylist greeted me and led me into my dressing room.  She asked me what size that I thought I was and any issues that I have with my fit and my breasts.  Then, she looked at the bra fit and size that I was currently wearing to gauge which bras that she would bring back for me to try on.

She helped me try about 10 bras total and exchanged any for sizing for me to try again.  She was very discreet and helpful about the whole shirtless thing.  But I am about the least modest person ever so I didn't have any issues with it to begin with.  

Here are some pointers that I learned:

1) Your bra back band is the most important fit because it supports everything.  It should sit really low and never ride up in the back.  Here is a guide to see.

2) Your bra straps shouldn't be able to lift more than 2" from the top of your shoulder when pulled upwards.

3)  Always get a bra that is hooked on the loosest notch when buying because bras stretch out over time.

4)  When putting on your bra, you should bend over a little and pull your breast tissue from under your arm and side inside the cup.  Then lift and separate them in the front into each cup.

5) The more seams that a cup has on the bra means the more support it has.  Anyone with a cup larger than a C should steer clear of bras without any seams.

There were about 5 bras that I really liked the fit and style.  All the bras are top notch and a little pricey.  But I think it's totally worth it!  They range in price from $80ish - $150ish.  They recommend getting two so you can spread out the wear on them.  Intimacy averages 5-7 years of life from the bras if you have more than one, if you don't wash them with detergent with alcohol which destroys the elastic over time, and if you hang dry them.  

My bra issues are that I am a size 32 D which is not a common size.  Since I have nursed three children, they refer to breasts as "soft" which is a nice word for deflated!  haha  Therefore, I have trouble with my breasts staying inside my cup.  I picked my top favorite two that could last me until I could splurge for a third.  I picked out a red lace bra that fits just perfect.  Red lingerie is the {New} Nude.  It's barely visible under white and looks so cute peeking under any dress!  It holds all my breast tissue in, supports, is pretty and doesn't cut across my breast in the front.  It also has extra seams and panels in the cup so it really pushes my breasts up without any padding.  I also got a nude one that has lace detail around the band and shoulder straps.  It has a soft padded cup to give that nice contour under a tee shirt.  It also holds in all my breast tissue without cutting across my breasts in the front.  Both bras are also hypo-allergenic which means all the elastic is coated in aloe vera which is really cool!

My stylist got all my info stored away and now I can call and order based on my last fitting!  Next time I am going to get a black one.  I already have it picked out in their system too.  

I highly highly highly recommend doing this for yourself Ladies!  It is a free service that they offer and is well worth the splurge for yourself.  It changed the way my clothes looks, and it just feels good to wear something that fits well and is so pretty!  

I would love to have a stylist come here for a trunk show.  I am working on it so if I am able to coax one to come to Montrose - I will let everyone know!  


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