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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Favorite Mistake

Sometimes, I think that I think too much.

I hear or see something and thoughts just come to me just like that.  Lots and lots of thoughts come to me.  Some I share and some I keep to myself.  Andy will ask me what I'm thinking and then decide that maybe he shouldn't have asked because I have hundreds of random thoughts rattling through my mind so fast.  Many of these thoughts are so off the wall but in our family we always say that weird is awesome.  I'm trying to think of an example right now to tell you…hhmmmm…..what am I thinking right now?  Let's see.  Well, right now I guess I'm not thinking too fast.  It seems to be rather slow.  I'm a much better thinker in the morning when I have so much on my mind that I'm afraid if I don't write it all down then I will forget.

But anyway, I can think about what time Sophia's dance class is changed to next week. to. wondering if Andy just shaved his beard or has it been this way for days. to. I need to look up a recipe today. to. I am finally going to organize one thing in my house. to. how to veneer furniture. to. tightening that bolt on the faucet.  I could go on and on here…  All of this sprints through in less than a minute.

Which brings me back to my Favorite Mistake.  I was driving to the gym this morning when Sheryl Crow's song came on.  It just got me thinking.

What an unusual expression!  Favorite Mistake.  Favorite Mistake.  Favorite Mistake.

This oxymoron kept ringing in my ears.  How can a mistake be a favorite?

I am NOT a mistake maker nor have I been.  I did everything right.  I followed the rules or I made damn sure to not get caught but mostly I followed the rules.  Some mistakes weren't really mistakes to me but maybe they were to my parents.

Nope.  Notta One. Not me.  I don't make mistakes so how could I have a favorite?  I follow the rules.  Why do I follow the rules?  What rules?  Who made these rules?  I am the good child.  I won't get hurt because I don't make mistakes.  I am an Easy Button Pusher!

I just think that I experience life differently than other people.  That's it.  Pretty simple.

Andy chooses to experience his life way differently than me.  My family members follow their own "rules" of life.  My girls will experience it in their own way too.  And each of us will have have a completely different story.  So really there are no mistakes only perceptions.  

I have wrote before about being happy.  God gave me the disposition of happiness and joy.  I am the eternal optimist that sometimes you want to slap.  I am so thankful for these gifts but I can't help but wonder sometimes what it feels like to do something wrong, to do something bad.  Some could consider that in making no mistakes that was my mistake.

 I think that's why God gave me my Andy.  My life would just be so dull and expected without him.  He is my fire and spark.  He has brought so much joy into my life as well as the other end of the spectrum.  I can't imagine living life without him.  I can't imagine living life without all the mistakes.  My mistakes just look different than his.

My favorite mistake is that there was never a mistake at all.

So, break the rules or don't!  Just live and love and face the music of life.  

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