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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Georgia's Really Good News

So, we are so excited to share with everyone that Georgia has finally grown out of her egg allergy.  Since she was born she hasn't been able to eat anything with egg in it including cakes, cookies, pies, mayonnaise, etc.   There are so many things with eggs in it!

We let her always decide if she wanted to try things that eggs in it because she is the one that would suffer the consequences.  She gets the sensations of thousands of bee stings in her mouth and throat.  If she keeps eating it then she usually will throw up and break out into hives.

A couple of weeks ago she said she ate 6 gingerbread cookies and nothing happened. So, we asked her what she wanted to eat to test it again.  She said Egg Drop Soup!

And.......Nothing Happened!

The doctors hoped that she would outgrow it.  They told us the typical age was 6 but it took until now when she was 9.

I am so happy that she will be able to participate in all the future chow downs.  Now, she won't have to be the only one at birthday parties not having cake.

Yay!  For no more allergies.

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