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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY Goody Bags

I made some yummy Chocolate and Peanut Butter whoopie pies for a bride last week.  I decided to make little bags for them to sit it instead of purchasing them.  This way they would be the perfect size and not cost me anything really.

You can really use this technique on any paper you want but since I was doing food I decided to use wax paper.  You could also use parchment but I decided on wax paper because it is cheaper and because the whoopie pies were less likely to stick to it.

Materials needed:

paper cutter
pinking shears
glue stick

-First pull out long strips of paper about 12 inches long.
-Then trim off ends with cutter.
-Fold the outer edges into the middle of the paper going longways allowing them to overlap.
-Cut the long strip in half to get two bags around 5-6 inches long.
-Glue with your stick the middle seam .
-Fold the bottom edge over using the side of good 90 degree edge like a table or counter.
-Glue on the inside of bottom seam and between the fold and the bag.
-Trim the top with the pinking shears.

My bags were about 5 inches long and 4 inches wide.  But, again you can create them any size you would like.  You could keep them long too so you could fold over the top and even hole punch and fasten with some cute twine or string.

Happy Crafting!  

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