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Friday, August 16, 2013

{Favorite Fridays} Hawaiian Hot Sauce

Well today has not gone as planned by any means!  I am recovering from a nasty cold in which I lost my voice yesterday.  I was having a huge cocktail party here tonight and yesterday I pushed myself to get everything all ready.  All I had to pretty much do was show up today.  But God had some other plans in store for me.

Yesterday afternoon while working in the yard I was stung by a yellow jacket on my ear on top really close to my head.  I am pretty allergic to bee stings.  I puff up like a marshmallow!  I went to to ER today because the swelling had gotten pretty intense (typically day 3 is the worst).  They gave me some steroids that will hopefully help with the swelling.  I got stung on my hip at the end of July and my entire left side and leg were extremely messed up.  I still have a bruised looking area where it got me.  On top of all that, Andy woke up sick as a dog with my nasty cold.

Here's a little view of my side from one sting.  I don't really want to show my face.

Needless to say, I had to cancel our cocktail party. BooHoo!  I am so bummed about it.  It was a South American inspired party, and the signature cocktail was going to be a Pisco Sour.  They are divine (that's a fancy word for really good).  I was planning on sharing that recipe with you guys next week along with some of my photos from the party & some easy tips for hosting large parties.  Oh well!  I will still share the Pisco Sour recipe with you guys but I will have to make one when I start feeling better and get some photos of it before I post my recipe.

Now, for this Friday's Favorite Thing!

I love hot sauce.  I mean reaaallllly love hot sauce.  I have so many kinds in my fridge and pantry too.  Each one has a unique flavor that coordinates with different foods.  I love Tabasco on beans & rice or stews.  I love Valentina on mexican food.  I like Sriracha on fried rice or asian noodle dishes.  I like a habanero sauce for ceviche.  I have even thought about the idea of having a hot sauce store that just sold hot sauces from around the world!

My best friend, Mehana, who lives on the North Shore of Hawaii sent me a little Christmas care package this past year with all kinds of local edible goodies.  One of the gifts was a Hawaiian Hot Pepper Sauce made locally on the North Shore. It is soooo amazing!  It is unlike any hot sauce that I have ever had.  It has a strong vinegar base and the pepper flavor is just the right heat with the most unique flavor.  I really love to eat it with breakfast things like eggs & potatoes.  My favorite is an over easy egg, half of an avocado & then some of this hot sauce.

Here's where you can get your own bottle of North Shore Goodie's Hawaiian Pepper Sauce.  They have lots and lots of other amazing local food goodies.

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