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Friday, July 19, 2013

{Favorite Friday} TV from your Iphone.

Back in the Spring we cancelled our cable.  I had been wanting Andy to get rid of it since we never watch it and it is so expensive.  We were paying around $80 just so he could watch the golf channel.  Canceling cable was the best decision.  We instead have Netflix that we stream into the TV through our playstation.  We pay $15 a month for dvd rental and instant streaming.  We also have Vudu that we stream through our playstation.  It has an enormous data bank of movies and you just pay as you rent one.  Sometimes they even have new releases of movies that are out at the theaters.

Netflix can be more difficult to find stuff because it has so many movies and ones that aren't as well known.  When I have time, I get online and surf movies recommendations to add to my queue.  I have watched some amazing lesser known movies.  Netflix also has a kid's netflix where it is only kid programs.  My girls love being able to watch seasons of cartoons without commercials and movies galore.  I created a good summer movie list for families HERE.  A few adult movies that I watched lately are: The Way Back, Extract, Puncture, Thor, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (trilogy), The Man from Beijing,  Cold Comfort Farm, All Good Things, Queen of the Sun.

The only problem was that we could only watch the one TV in the family room that had the playstation.  I decided to look into another way to stream netflix into the TV without getting another playstation or expensive device.


I bought a HDMI cable converter for my iphone.  I can connect my iphone straight into any TV and stream in Vudu or Netflix.  It was only about $38 for the HDMI converter at Radio Shack.

You just plug your phone in and plug the hdmi cable in your TV.  Adjust your input to Hdmi on your TV and Voila.  We also took this converter to the beach so we didn't need to lug around a pack of dvd's.  You do have to have your phone charged to use it and if you don't have wifi it can take a few moments to load the movie.

But now, we can lay in bed and watch movies or any other TV program on Netflix without commercials and for only $15 a month!  That's a deal.

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