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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dressing Like a French Woman

J'adore the French culture.  It really changed my life being there the summer before my senior year in high school.  I pretty much ate may way through the country, and the fashions there were so different than the states.  

Everyone in France thought that it was so weird that I was wearing Birkenstocks & hippie dresses which was the style back in Georgia in the 90's.  My French girlfriends thought that I looked homely!  But they did think that my features were more European since I didn't have big hair or big teeth or wear lots of makeup. (hehehe)  It didn't take long to catch on and take notice.  I quickly bought a pair of black suede wedge ankle strap shoes with a peep toe that I finally had to get rid of because they just fell apart.  I had a lot of stares when I wore these back home and then about two years later I saw them for sale in the department stores!  The other trend there was long shorts.  I didn't see any women in France wearing short shorts.

The other thing that I made a note of was that everything was very simple.  Mostly solid colors were worn and the most notable color of the French is BLACK!  I would say that in a room almost 75% of the people are dressing in all black.  They may throw in a solid color in their shoes or a scarf but that is about it.

Here are some looks that read French to me.  Stylish but Simple.

Constance Jablonski & Heloise Guerin photo from Pinterest



la-modella-mafia-fashion-editor-street-style-Vogue-Paris-GĂ©raldine-Saglio-8  Pinterest


I am opting for a simple version of my French wedges that I had to part with and replacing them with something simple but bright!  - The Bensimon Sneaker.

Bensimon Sneakers are an adorable shoe that is very very French.  A couple of stores import them here.  I got these coral ones below at Shop Bop.  They come in bright colors as well as neutral ones.  You can also get them with laces or mary jane style (harder to find).  They make them for kids too.  I am going to get in my black cigarette pants, a black tee, a muted scarf & my coral sneakers and then all I need is a ticket to Paris.
Get at Shop Bop

P.S.  I learned a new word.  Someone called me a Francophile.  I like that!

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  1. Funny how the us is so behind in fashion. I remember going to Europe the summer before my 8th grade year and all the things we wore were "so out", and then by my sophomore year in high school things that I saw in Europe were in style. Same thing happened when I went after my senior year. So funny. I love the simple sophisticated style. chic with out being floofy.


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