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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Wine Faves 2013

A couple of weeks ago we had wine festival here in Montrose, CO.  I discovered some amazing wines.  They have this really cool app that you can add to your phone and then just scan the barcode in front of the wine that you liked.  It stores all the info and the label photo.  Then all I had to do was to take my phone to the liquor store and ask for an attendant to help me.

I don't know if you have ever been to a grand wine tasting but it can get pretty crazy.  At the beginning everyone is somewhat coherent and then by the end people are pretty much wasted!  I decided that this year I was going to actually taste the wines & find some new ones & remember them!!  It was so funny because on the way there my father in law gave us a ride and Andy's aunt said that the ride home was going to be a much different trip.  Hahaha, And that it was!

Andy and I towards the end of the grand tasting.  Smiling and Happy :)

Here is my favorite Red:

Villa Antinori Toscana Italy

It is smooth and easy to drink.  It is a tad spicy and rich but the mellowness makes it easy to drink just by itself.  It is also easy to pair with meals too.  The price is good around $20.00 a bottle.

My favorite White:

La Cappuccina Basaltic Sauvignon Italy

This is an organic wine from Italy.  I loved how much flavor and boldness it has without being too dry or too sweet.  It's a good porch wine but also very versatile when pairing with food.  It also was crisp and a great value at $15 a bottle.

Here are the other favorites of mine.  Also, the Toffoli Prosecco Valdabbiadene was amazing!!  I kept coming for more.

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