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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Licor 43. A Spanish Milk Cocktail

My mother in law came back from Puerto Rico with a new cocktail.  And she doesn't even drink!  It is so delicious and so unique.  It contains a liquor called Licor 43.  It is an aromatic vanilla type liquor from Spain that dates back long long ago.

I have been trying to look up the official recipe and name for her concoction but the closest I have found is Spanish Milk or Mother's Milk.  Other drinks with Licor 43 has coffee or chocolate in them.

I am going to call this Spanish Milk.  It tastes like an alcoholic horchata.  It is the perfect after dinner drink.

Spanish Milk

Licor 43
Milk or Half n Half

I don't really have exact measurements here.  It just depends on your glass size :)  But I use an old-fashioned size cup.  I put one part Licor 43 to two parts milk over ice.  Then dust the top with ground cinnamon.


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