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Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's been in my oven lately

Yesterday, I did some baking. A little of this and a little of that. But there were two recipes that I had pinned on Pinterest that I made that were so freaking amazing! There just aren't words to truly describe how awesome they are.

I made Double Chocolate Stout Cookies and Salted Honey Pie.

Let me see if I can try to describe the melt in your mouth chocolate goodness. The Guiness beer really brings out the dark chocolate flavor without giving them a beer flavor. They have the perfect crumb and were moist and gooey inside. The cookies also don't have a ton of ingredients and were so fast & easy to make. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

I have been pinning and making some amazing sweets that are salted. I made the most delicious Chocolate Stout Whoopie pies with Salted Caramel Buttercream. The salted caramel sauce was definitely the star of the show. That sauce would be good just with a spoon! I will definitely make it again to drizzle over a pie, loaf bread, pound cake, ice cream or a shake.

I recommend using a really good salt like Himalayan pink salt or fleur de sel. I have a special salt that I collected from some salt pits in Hawaii that I used. Yum!!

Last night I made a Salted Honey Pie for dessert but unfortunately it was too hot to eat last night so I had to wait until today. I am telling you what that is the Best Damn Pie that has ever ever been made. I am talking EVER! It's like an egg custard pie but with way less eggs and the honey flavor mixed with the salt from Hawaii is just something that you envision Greek Gods sitting around eating with copious amounts of wine. It has a delicate, sweet but earthy flavor. The salt pairs with honey like a match made in heaven. It too has few ingredients which puts it on the top of my pie list! I recommend using local honey and really good salt too. Last but definitely not least is to make a homemade crust. I sometimes use a premade crust from time to time when I am in a pinch. But for a simple rustic pie like this one you really should take the time to have a homemade crust. You can taste the love in the pie that way!

So, go get these ingredients if you don't already have them and you will feel like a Goddess while eating them all!

Get the recipe for salted caramel HERE.

Get the Recipe for the Double Chocolate Stout Cookies HERE

Get the recipe for the Salted Honey Pie HERE
My pie crust:  cut 2/3 cup chilled butter into 2 cups all purpose flour.  Once it is the size of peas, I add about a 1/4 cup chilled water.  Then roll into two balls and wrap in saran wrap.  Let chill in frig for a bit.  Then roll out.

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