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Friday, February 15, 2013

Recycled Hot Pads

As I was using my hot pads last night, I thought Gross! They are so yuck and old. It is time to make some new ones.

I used an old sweater, my favorite bluebird flour sack from the flour that I use from Cortez, CO and some thick batting.

I have some more in the works even an oven mitt!

I bet you can figure out which ones are the old icky ones! Haha


  1. So she took out my sewing machine and went to work making these.These adorable little potholders have a special place in the house… they are used when frying up doughnuts! (a few of us around here DO that!) These ones she made had button eyes, so everyone oogle at them whenever we are visiting the coffee shop – “Oh look Honey, Grossie is wearing his new hot pads”


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