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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Very Small Bathroom Remodel

The upstairs bathroom has been out of commission for some time.  We decided not to remodel it when we did our big addition/remodel on our house back in 2008.  But now that the girls are getting a bit older, it would be very nice to let them use their own bathroom!  The space is so so so so small that Andy can't even stand up all the way in there.  This bathroom will be for 3 girls!  Yep, that's right!!

Here is the space:

And here is my sketch design to show you what I am planning on doing with it.  Of course, we will see how it all turns out at the end.  One thing that I have learned with old houses is improvising ALL the time.  One problem leads to another and another it always seems!!  We will also be converting the claw foot tub into a shower too.  I will have to custom fit a shower rise onto the tub due to the extremely short ceilings.  I think I will also try to mount the shower curtain onto the ceiling and just have a small round curtain stall just around the shower head.  Then have it collected up in the corner with a curtain hook when it isn't used.

Follow our progress over the next upcoming weeks!  And feel free to share any clever design ideas for space savers.


  1. Oooo... can't wait to see how it turns out! I love a good before and after!

    1. I am collecting all the things right now. I have the sink and faucet. I think I have the light too. Still deciding if that's the one or not.

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