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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Photo Collections

One thing that I like to do at the beginning of every year is to update my photo collection.  This past year Evelyn has changed so much and I need to add her to the mix of photos!  Plus, it's nice to keep the photos rotating so when I come up the stairs it's fun to look at all of our memories over time.

For tips on arranging your photo collections, please read my article HERE over at San Juan Parent.  Here's one of the photos from my article that is an awesome guide:

I also like to clean all of my frames.  They were so dusty and dirty.  YUCK!  I cleaned all of them front and back and even dusted the wall.  Where does all this dust come from?

Here are some pictures of my collection with some of my new favorite memories!


  1. Beautiful! I love family memories hung in stairwells and in hallways too.

  2. Me too. It is such a good way to showcase your memories without it looking cluttered and unorganized.

  3. Nice picture, I appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing.


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