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Thursday, January 31, 2013

new things & bon anniversaire

I've got some fun new things listed on my Marmie Etsy Shop!

And in honor of my year anniversary in the blogging world, I am offering a 50% discount on purchases made through the weekend (ends at midnight 2/3/13).  Just enter the code at checkout: HappyBlogging

I have really enjoyed my first full year in blogging.  It is such a great outlet for me to share things that I love, get feedback on ideas & thoughts, and be able to reflect and collect by feelings.  Spiritual gurus say that one should write 13 pages a day to really free yourself.  I don't think that I could write that much but I do believe the power of the pen & paper.

It does a soul good!

So thank you all for listening, sharing and caring.  Love you all and I can't wait to keep sharing my randomness.

Here are some of new creations:

Blue and Lace Bangle

Leather and Tweed Oversized Clutch

Neon & Nude Square Bangle

Geometric Blue Glitter Large Bangle

Oversized Zippered Clutch

Small Sweater Bangle

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