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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mismatched Swimwear

When I was in Hawaii this summer, women and girls everywhere were wearing mismatched swimwear.  It looked really good.  I have always had coordinated swimwear.  I thought I would give it a go!  They also wore suits that allowed their behind to show too but I am more of a full coverage gal. I gotta give you a good visual.


And of course, they topped it off with a trucker hat :)  So I got a surfer one from Hawaii but CO has some really cool trucker hats too.  Gotta Represent!  Check out my girlfriend's biz Big Colorado Love

I am going to give it a go.  Swimwear clearance sales are everywhere right now.  I particularly like Jcrew and Lands' End swimwear for me.  It is good quality, fits my child bearing body well, good return policy and good sale prices.

Also check out this competition for Lands' End Curvy Girl Swimwear Competition.  Very inspirational and see how the suits fit Real Women with Curves.


  1. I need a new swimsuit so badly. Still wearing the one from when I was nursing that is so very stretched out and large. MaybeI can rock the mismatched trend?!

    1. I am still searching too! I had to send all of those suits back to Landsend. Boohoo. They just didn't fit right for me.

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