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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Still Nursing & Still Loving It

Right now my youngest is 16 months old and the question is "Are you weaning yet?"  My answer was that I would have her weened by my birthday which is in January.  Well, it doesn't appear that Evelyn Blue will be weaned by then.  And I am totally okay with that.

She is definitely cutting back on nursing... on some days.  And she doesn't have to nurse before bedtime which is nice.  But in the morning when she wakes up we snuggle close in my bed next to Andy, and it is just the greatest.  So for now I am not going to worry and just let it be what it is.  I am pretty sure she won't be nursing by Kindergarten (as they say).

This is my favorite picture of Eb and I.  This is her first time latching on.  I have a picture of each one of my girls nursing for the first time.  Special moments.  I wish everyone understood and experienced the joy and pleasure that comes from nursing your children.

If any of you out there are feeling the pressure to wean but aren't ready, let's just enjoy this moment because they will be all grown up in a blink of an eye.


  1. Good for you! It seems it is a double edged sword these days for mamas. When I weaned my Ezra at 11 months, it seemed just normal. However, I weaned Lucas at 18 months and people seemed to be shocked it was "so early"?! I think mamas get the pressure from both sides. If you wean to early then you didn't give your baby enough of you, if you wean later then people wonder if you are ever going to wean them. I am glad you are following your own rythm, because that is what matters. When you want to do and and when Evelyn wants to. I have so many friends who struggle with this dilema, when to wean, too early, too late. Everyone is different and has thier own clock. There shouldn't be any judgement either way from others.

    1. Thanks! Every child is different and so is every nursing experience. I'm going to just roll with it.


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