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Monday, December 17, 2012

Prayers & Monsters

It hardly seemed appropriate to post my article about dining room chairs today after the events of this weekend in Newtown, CT.  Although, I don't want to keep igniting feelings of terror, fear and pain into everyone by talking about this horrific act.  But I do want to acknowledge it and put into writing the thoughts from my head.

I looked at all of my baby girls in the car this morning driving them to school and my heart sank for all the parents who were not able to do that this Monday morning.  An unthinkable act.  An unimaginable feeling.  I pray and send them all love as much as I am able.

Monsters are real!

Monsters have been upon this earth since the day of mankind.  Through the ages there are countless stories of the most heinous crimes.  It is heartbreaking to know that humans have the capability to use their power in such an evil way.  Awful things happen to people everyday everywhere.  But for every villain out there there are hundreds of thousands of people that are awe-inspiring.  People who use their power to make this world a better and safer place.

Where there is dark there is always light.

There have been studies that suggest that energy can be quantitatively measured either positive or negative in the atmosphere.  I heard about a study that shows that after 9.11 readings revealed a drop in the earth's energy.  Then on the world wide prayer day for 9.11 there was a positive energy reading.  Isn't that an incredible thought?  All religions believe in the power of prayer.  All energy workers tell you the power of thought - the power that you have inside of you.  So, if all of us all around the world focused on love and projecting that to the world, then maybe we could help change the world.  We could all be a part that makes this world a better place, but it would take all of our souls united for the earth to hear.  For everyone and everything to hear, to believe, to feel and to create a new way of being.

Is the time now?

Monsters will still exist.  People have a choice.  But, imagine a world where the majority of people, societies and governments acted out of love.  What an even more amazing world we would live in!

We must pray.  We must love.  We must do our part with our own two hands.

There is a Facebook event going around asking everyone to light a candle and have a prayer with your family for Newtown on Christmas morning.  I am participating.  I hope you do too.  I know that they will feel everyone's embrace as they try to move forward with a different way of being.

I hope you hear these lyrics below from Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, and they motivate you to set aside your fear, your pain, your story, your reasons why you can't.  And inspire you to radiate love and light.  Help change our world. Together. United.

**Update:  My mom sent me this article from Deepak Chopra which is very wonderful for all types of tragedies.  

I believe.

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