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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mean Women

I've had some nasty and mean women in my life at one time or another.  They have been down right bitches!  These women have tried to fight me after school, call me ugly names, tell lies about me, tell lies to me and so on and so forth.  And it always involved a boy!!  Big surprise, Huh?

What happened to the ladies having each other's back?  What happened to that secret sisterhood oath?  Why do women act like this?  Why are there women who are women haters?

What always seemed to baffle me is that there are always other women who are friends with ladies like these?  They typically know that their friend is a mean, awful person but they continue to be friends with them.  I am sooooo glad that my friend's are NOT like this.  I couldn't tolerate having catty women around me.  I surround myself with women who inspire me.

I am pretty sure that these women are in a pretty bad spot in their lives to act this way.  They must be feeling pretty lousy to treat another woman like this.  I can't imagine how they treat themselves!

During this time of year it makes you reflect on different things in your life.  I periodically think about these vicious women in my past who have threatened me in some way.  I try to send them love even though I would love to shout out all the truths and expose them for who I have seen them to be.  But there must be a kind side or other people wouldn't love them, right?  I choose to imagine this side.  I envision them telling me sorry even though they can't or won't.

It reminds me of a scene in a movie called Soul Surfer where she thanks the girl who always gave her a hard time in the surfing competitions even after she only had one arm.  She thanked the mean girl for always being tough on her - for never being too easy because it gave her strength and helped give her that drive and determination.

So for you ladies out there who tried to bring me down or take my man - I THANK YOU!  I thank you  for showing me what I really love, helping me uncover how strong I really am,  letting me see how resilient I can be, showing me how much my heart can love & grow, demonstrating what not to act like, allowing me the chance to discover my grace and for never making my life too easy!


  1. I loved this! Especially how you took a negative, and transformed it into a positive! What a empowering perspective; that those women helped create your strength!

    1. Thank you! I love it when you have a revelation like this. It is very empowering indeed. It's like....wait a minute...I wouldn't change a thing!!

  2. True true words Krista! You are one of the nice ones. Don't worry your pretty little mind, people throw things and people who shine. :)

    1. You are as well my sweet! It's good to see things in a new light.


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