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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade Christmas for my Girls

Here is what I am giving my girls from Andy and I for Christmas.  I got three sweatshirts.  Cut the neck out for the older girls.  Then drew the faces on each one.  I decided a bunny (chartreuse) for Evelyn, a bear (orange) for Sophia and a kitty (purple) for Georgia.  Then,  I embroidered over my drawing.

I found a hat for each of them to go with each sweater.  It took my forever to find them without the faces on the hats.  I can't wait to get a picture of them with their outfits after Christmas.  I hope they like them!!

Kitty on left, Bunny in the middle and Bear on the right

Sophia's Bear Hat from Old Navy

White Rabbit Baby/Toddler Fleece Hat
Evelyn's Bunny Hat from Etsy

Georgia's Kitty Hat from Aeropostale for Kids

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