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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Empaths: HOW to be around Pain

I am learning every day from all kinds of 'teachers' what it means to be an empath and ways to shield myself.  An empath is someone who is ultra-sensitive to others' emotions and has the ability feel more about people, places or things.

Here are some signs to see if you might be empath:

1. You look at someone and “just know” their emotional state.
2. You can feel the energy coming at you (or being drained) from another person, especially from the eyes.
3. You have a blocked feeling in your chest or sternum, as if someone is tugging on it.
4. Tend to run away from people when stressed, rather than engage.
5. You’ve been called “oversensitive” or “hypersensitive.”
6. Always know where danger may lurk. (Curiously, you may have avoided accidents because of this hypervigilance).
7. Are drawn to the tranquility of animals.
8. Are drawn to mountains, nature, the ocean - anywhere outdoors for it's grounding effect.
9. Cannot bear violence in any form.
10. Can easily produce tears, sometimes at will.
11. You may be able to feel the physical aches & pains of others in your body (this often
leads to chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or other energy illnesses).
12. Feel better after a good, intense cry.
13. Are overwhelmed by large crowds or mobs. (e.g. shopping malls).
14. Can sometimes feel affected by the energy of the full moon.
15. Have had spiritual or “paranormal” experiences that include seeing or hearing
ghosts, sensing presences, and/or having intense and sometimes lucid, dreams

I learned from a very wise friend of mine about another way to be around people's pain and other ways to help shield your energy so you don't have to take yourself away.  There are lots of techniques that I will list that I am aware of.  I would love for anyone else to share some things that they may know of too because that's how we truly learn.

  • New Thought for me:  When you are around pain, sorrow or suffering, don't take on their pain.  Don't try to eat it and take inside of yourself.  Intentionally, look at their strengths.  Look at how courageous they are, how loving, how much they feel, how resilient they are.  Then, leave with those feelings of strength inside of you.
  • Imagine yourself encased in blue light when you leave your home.
  • Wear certain rocks to help you.  Black Onyx repels negative energy.  Rose Quartz helps you receive and give love.
  • Wear all black if you are feeling sensitive.  Bright colored clothing means you are in a 'place' to freely give energy.
  • Take a sea salt bath to help wash away the negative.
  • Place little bowls of sea salt in your house to soak up any negative energy.
  • Meditate daily to Cut any cords of energy that you are giving to someone that is not your children or husband.
  • Spend time alone so you can concentrate on YOU.
  • Journal about your thoughts.
  • Cry
  • Go to a hot springs to soak.  The water from deep in the earth has great healing powers.
  • Exercise
  • Get energy work from someone that you trust.  massage, reiki, cranial sacral, acupuncture
  • If it's not a Hell Yeah then it's a NO!
  • Do something outside
  • Listen to your intuitions.  Self-betrayal is a powerful emotion to shake.
  • Close all of your orifices and imagine your energy building up inside of you.  That will help empower you.
  • Wash your hands after being around someone that has left any kind of feeling on you.
I hope that this knowledge that I have learned may help you.  It's a good reminder for myself as well.  We all have the ability within us to heal ourselves.  Cheers! to getting there one step at a time because when you know better - you do better!


  1. Really well put, Krista! I deal with this in my line of work on a daily basis. I feel like I'm constantly walking around in my light "bubble" :) Being an open spirit, ALL beings, emotions feel they have permission to enter our sacred space. These tools you posted really help maintain our beautiful openness without being bogged down by the negative or psychic " vampires" as I like to call them.

    1. Thanks! I started making a list for myself trying to remember all the tips that people have told me. Please share if you know of any too. Hope you are doing well. Miss you.

  2. Thanks for the tips... of to buy some onyx now! haha. No wonder I always want to wear black clothing, it is protective. Love this. We are all learning and growing, but sometimes other peoples growth and struggles and effect ours as well. I feel like sometimes that is ok, but you have to be aware, as you said, when you are feeling up to that type of energy. xoox I read a quote last week taht has stuck with me "Don't let others dim your light even if it is shining intheir eyes." I keep remembering that. Not to dull myself because it makes others uncomfortable. ;)


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