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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Little {Lace} Black Dress

I just love a little black dress.  They are the ultimate classic staple in the closet.  If you don't have a version in lace then now is the time to start finding one for the upcoming holidays!  They are so feminine and very sexy.  Of course, most of the ones that I tend to pick out are thousands of dollars so I thought that I would try to find some to choose from that are more in my budget!  

I put them in order of price although the Pearl Lowe dress is from 2010 so you can only find it used now.  I did see it on ebay in several sizes.  

Here are some fabulous celebrity inspirations:


  1. Ooooo... those are HOT! I love the one from Anthro, and white house black market. Thanks for sharing, I may have to get one of the lower end ones ($$$) :)


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