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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Playlist of my Life

Yes.  My life has a soundtrack.  I am not sure if that is normal or not but it just plays in my head during the day.  Sometimes, I have control of the music selection and other times someone else is choosing the songs.

I like living my life to a theme song!  It just makes my day a lot more fun.

Here are some of my most popular life song selections:

  • Debussy, Clair de Lune - I just adore this song.  It brings me to tears every time I hear it.

  • Sublime, What I got - This one gets you pumped up. Life is short - Love is what I got.

  • Carpenters, Close to You - This is Obviously one of the songs that I don't subconsciously choose!  But nonetheless, it Plays!!!

  • Paul Simon, Kodachrome - Hell yes to Paul!  I'm driving in the car with the windows down.

  • Sianspheric, I like the Ride - I feel numb with song.  Just sit back and feel nothing for a change.

  • Kid Cudi, Ghost - This is a newer song on my list but it plays loud and clear.  You feel connected with this song.

My soundtrack is always changing but this is a current edition!  
What's in your soundtrack of life now?


  1. I have random songs that bust into my head too. I think this is normal, right? haha. One that has been a regular occurance over the past few years is Three Little Birds by Mr. Marley... every little things, gonna be alright. You have some great choices too.

  2. That's a good one. I'm so glad that I'm not he only one!


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