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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Costume Funnies

I was just thinking about what to dress up as for Halloween and looking back through the years of some my costumes.  What great memories come back and some funny times too!  I thought I would share some funnies with you and maybe inspire you for your costume this Halloween.

This year since I cut my hair short I told Andy that we should go as Hans & Franz!  Or the other was Frida and Diego Rivera.  But he didn't think that would be as funny as I thought.  I really have no problem dressing myself in a hideous, ugly costume.  I think it so fun and super hilarious.  But so many women use this holiday to dress pretty um.... slutty!  Yep.  I'm not sure why that is?

Anyway, I have a group of friends that have been dressing up for years as the 'hillbilly' theme.  One year they were Star Wars hillbillies, another year Hunter hillbillies, another Jazzercise hillbillies.  I can not wait to see what kind of hillbillies they are this year.

Here are some funny Halloween memories through the years that we remembered to take pictures of.  This year I think we are dressing up as the Circus Ring Leader (me) and Andy will be my Lion.

Me as Julia Childs in High School - haha.  NOBODY knew who the hell I was even after I told them.
Andy & I are the Homecoming Queen and Greaser.

Cave Bats.  Loved these stupid hats!

CC, Kate and I.  I was white trash.  They were a devil & angel.  Good good times.

Here's my classy husband.  I had a sign on me that said "I'm with Stupid".

We reversed roles and did pimps & hoes.  I am leaving out Andy's Hoe picture because 1) he would be pissed that I posted it and 2) it still freaks me out!!

Lawrence & Mehana are looking good.  I'm Pocahontas and Andy was a vampire.  

This was a super fun night.  We have a priest & nun, Cruella & Yo Gabba Gabba, and Big Bird & Pop-eye!

What are some fun costume ideas that you have done or seen?


  1. Love it! I gotta say that my favorite year was when Ben and I went as "Something About Mary" - my bangs stuck straight up thanks to some crazy hair gel and Ben had marshmallow creme on his ear :-)

    1. That is hilarious! I would like to see a photo of that!!


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